2017-04 Myanmar Camp California Photos and Recap (Spring Break)

Our first trip to Myanmar to run "Camp California" was a resounding success!  This was the first ever summer camp in Myanmar and it was designed by and run by our four student leaders:

  • Amy H. (Red Cloud, Age 17)
  • Audrey C. (Red Cloud, Age 15)
  • Kathy L. (Red Cloud, Age 14)
  • Caroline H. (Red Cloud, Age 14)

There were several goals of the camp:

  • Hold the first ever summer camp in Myanmar
  • Show local teachers and school administrators in Myanmar the benefits and mechanics of creative, project-based learning.
  • Establish and on-going relationship with local students and schools in order to further modern curriculum development and bring change to methods and content of K-12 education in Myanmar.
  • Cultural exchange and immersion for our student leaders


Watch the recap video

Camp California Photos

In transit

Yangon Life and Thingyan Festival