Makeup Request


  • All makeup requests must be done via this form at least 48 hours before the missed or the requested makeup class. Makeups done with less than 48 hours before class may not be allowed or get processed in time.

  • Please no calls or emails for makeup classes. If case of sudden illness or emergency, calls are fine to let us know your child will miss class but please use this form to schedule the makeup.

  • Please do not show up for a makeup class until you have received and read the confirmation email. You'll receive this after we process the makeup request and have prepared everything for makeup class. If you have not received a confirmation email, most likely we haven't processed your request yet.

  • We allow 1 rescheduling of makeup class. If you're unable to come to the makeup after it has been rescheduled, we cannot offer another makeup.

Student Name (First & Last) 学生英文姓名 *
Student Name (First & Last) 学生英文姓名
Fill in two digit month and two digit year for your child's birthday - this helps us distinguish between students with similar names & class times.
What day and time does your student normally attend art class? Ex: Wed 5pm
Please list dates that you're going to miss? Ex: 3/1 & 3/8
Choose Makeup Class Day & Time 选择补课时间 *
Please choose at least TWO options so we can accommodate your request. Makeups are scheduled the same week you'll be out unless otherwise requested.
Please put notes like "Available for makeup after 7/30" or any other requests regarding makeup day/time


Makeup Policy 有关补课的规定

It is very important for a student to maintain a consistent class day and time as fostering a sense of community among the other students and trust with their teacher is an extremely important part of the Hongyun Art experience and the development of your child’s social skills. It is important for us that our students make friends with other students. 

Hongyun Art allows students to make up classes under certain circumstances: 

  • Limit of 3 makeups per semester

  • All makeup class requests must be submitted via our makeup request form at

  • Makeup request is submitted at least 48 hours in advance of missed class or requested makeup class, whichever is earlier (emergencies / sudden illness is not taken in to account).

  • Makeup classes should be made up within the same week of missed class if possible. Makeup credits will expire 3 weeks after the missed class.

To permanently move class time, please email with your request so we can work on finding a seat for you.



  • 每学期补课的次数限制三次

  • 所有补课申请必须通过 网址递交。

  • 补课申请必须在学生原定课时或申请的补课时间之前的 48 小时前递交(突发情况或者学生突然生病除外)。

  • 补课时间必须在学生原定课时的同一周内。我们的上课时间是周三到周日,也就是说,学生如果不能上原定在周日的课程,那么,必须在同一周的周三到周日完成补课。



Missed makeup class: makeup class can be rescheduled at most one time if 48 hours notice before the beginning of makeup class is given. If you need to change schedule with less than 48 hours or no notice before a makeup class, no makeup credit will be carried.

Please keep in mind that our curriculum is programmed per each class time.  Frequently changing class schedules is not recommended as students may repeat class topics and/or mediums.

Late drop off Policy 学生送达

Students should be dropped off about 5-10 minutes before or after class starts.

If a student is more than 10 minutes late, they will not be able to attend class.  This is due to the fact that our classes follow a strict timed curriculum which requires students to be present for the first portion of the class in order to complete their projects.



Late pick up Policy  自接学生

Parents have 10 minutes to pick up students after the class ends. Otherwise, late pickup is subjected to late fee as following:

  • 0 - 10 minutes late: $0

  • 11 - 20 minutes late: $12

  • 21 - 30 minutes late: +$18 ($30 total)

  • each 10 minutes after: +$18


  • 0 – 10分钟:0美元

  • 11 – 20分钟:12美元

  • 21 – 30分钟:+18美元 (共30美元)

  • 之后每10分钟:+18美元

Withdraw Policy 退学

There are two options for withdraw from the current term:

1.  Hold credit for future use (up to 1 year)

2. Refund check - there is a $25 processing charge.  Each week of the term passed will be charged at the current single class rate.


  1. 保留学费,将来使用(一年内有效)。

  2. 以支票形式退款,退款将会产生25美元的手续费。开学后已完成的课时,按每节课学费结算。

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