Hongyun Art only hires the best teachers and staff - we have a very rigorous process for new teachers and staff before they become part of the Hongyun Art family.  We scour the globe for the best teachers--hiring teachers from as far away as Japan!


Miss Hongyun

The founder of Hongyun Art and the creator of the Hongyun Art creative art training system.  

Miss Hongyun is known for her creativity and ability to bring the best out in her students.  Over the years, she has adapted her own experiences from various art schools for her students as young as age 4.  She encourages each student to express their ideas freely and openly and to be fearless in their everyday endeavors.


Miss Heather

Miss Heather is a professor of Art History at Cabrillo College.

In addition to her interests in the history of art she is also a practicing artist, having worked in a variety of media from graphite, clay and metal.  Her preferred medium of choice currently is oil paint.

Miss Heather has made it her life's goal to foster creativity in children by leading and assisting art and craft classes for children as young as 3.  She also feels it is equally important to continue to expose people to art throughout their lives and as such has taught the history of art to college age students.

Miss Heather's specialty is bringing her great energy and love of art to Hongyun Art's students.  She has been adapting various topics of Art History to Hongyun Art's unique creative art program.  Our students love Miss Heather and her ability to make learning and expressing their creativity fun!

If you can't find her in the classroom or studio try the forest where she will be exploring overgrown paths or an old dirt road where she will be driving her Jeep through puddles of mud or crawling over rocks!



MIss Stephanie

Miss Stephanie graduated from UC Davis with majors in psychology and art.  She is a very talented artist and is extremely patient and caring.

Miss Stephanie loves to work in various art mediums and focuses her energy towards our Purple Cloud and Blue Cloud level classes.

Miss Rosa


 Miss Rosa is an artist who studied Practice of Art and Psychology at UC Berkeley.  She has taught courses at UC Berkeley and uses her fluency in Italian to lead art expeditions to Italy during the summers.  She is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology specializing in children at Palo Alto University and loves teaching art to children of all ages in her free time.

Miss Rosa's specialty is working with students age 7 and up on their academic and figure drawing.  She also developed the original Hongyun Art Book Club that has expanded into several different club programs that take students through a long term, team-based projects.

Miss Nikka

Miss Nikka graduated from UC San Diego with a major in Political Science and minor in Dance.  Miss Nikka is also a very creative and fun artist!  She is extremely outgoing and loves to work with Hongyun Art students on their creative journey!

Miss Nikka specializes in teaching Blue Cloud and Green Cloud students at Hongyun Art. 

Miss Tammy

Miss Tammy has studied in Rhode Island School of Design in the rigorous foundation program including drawing, 2-D design, and 3-D design.

Miss Tammy has taught Chinese painting, oil painting, drawing and crafts to children for several years.  She teaches both creative drawing and academic art and enjoys teaching students of all ages.  She encourages her students to speak out and make the art that makes them happy!  She thinks that people should never be afraid to express themselves with art and believes Hongyun Art is able give positive memories at an early start.

Miss Tammy focuses her creative energy on our Mindy Comic Camps, Yellow Cloud, Orange Cloud, and Red Cloud students.

On her own time, Miss Tammy likes to use fine arts and illustration as a source of self-expression. She also loves to read comics, do pilates and watch cute animal videos.


If you hang around Hongyun Art enough, you may hear the kids talking about Mindy.  You'll definitely see at least a few books with her name on them.  Who is this mysterious Mindy?  

Well, Mindy is our dog!  Mindy is Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was born on April 1, 2011.  When Mindy was just a puppy in the Summer of 2011, Hongyun Comic Camp students decided to create the first ever full-length graphic novel in just one week based on Mindy!  The challenge was enormous but the students and teachers did a wonderful job on the first Mindy Comic Book that summer.

 The Mindy Comic Book series has grown to it's 4th volume in 2013 with the completion of the Mindy Comic Camp in June 2013.  This 4th volume includes several full-length, full-color comic stories as well as several side-stories - it's truly amazing what our Mindy Comic Camp students can do in just two weeks!

Mr Tommy

Mr Tommy is the resident goofball - he loves being around the students and has fun each day at work!  In a past life, Mr Tommy was an engineer for Microsoft working on various products including Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 projects.  Now, he works on various roles at Hongyun Art from bus driver, to webmaster & software engineering, to front desk - he's the jack of all trades!