Hongyun Art wouldn’t be what it is without our amazingly passionate and creative team! Hongyun Art only hires the best teachers and staff - we have a rigorous process for new teachers and staff before they become part of the Hongyun Art family.  We scour the globe for the best teachers--hiring teachers from as far away as Japan!


Ms. Hongyun

The founder of Hongyun Art and the creator of the Hongyun Art creative art training system.  

Miss Hongyun is known for her creativity and ability to bring the best out in her students.  Over the years, she has adapted her own experiences from various art schools for her students as young as age 4.  She encourages each student to express their ideas freely and openly and to be fearless in their everyday endeavors.


Ms. Jenny

Ms. Jenny is a Canadian born watercolour and ink artist.

Nature and detailed organic line work is what flows through her pieces. Her work is often inspired by her raw emotions and the beautifully complex world around her. She believes in mindfulness, freedom of expression and truly enjoying the process rather than the end product.

Ms. Jenny has a passion for connection, health, and sustainability and brings that into her teachings. Her heart lies in working with and empowering children, youth and families. She earned her B.A in Early Childhood Studies where she emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, resilience, exploration, and self-expression in her students. 

When she’s not at the studio you can find her surrounded by nature, doing yoga, experimenting in the kitchen, creating natural health products, writing, or playing with her dog, Milo.

She's looking forward to being a part of your child's growth at Hongyun Art (: 🌻 🌿


Ms. Tammy

Ms. Tammy is from the Bay Area and grew up learning traditional 2D art.

Her favorite mediums are acrylic painting, inking, and digital painting on Procreate.

She graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Animation and Illustration and picked up other interests including ceramic sculpting and art history.

She wants her students to hone in on draftsmanship as a foundation for all mediums.

Ms. Tammy focuses her creative energy on our Adult art classes, Academic Camps, and Green - Red Cloud students.


Ms. Casey Jane

Ms. Casey Jane grew up in San Jose, and has lived there her whole life.

She got her start in education helping to run a Community Service summer camp in downtown San Jose, and teaching photography, filmmaking, and digital art.

Her biggest artistic accomplishments are the two murals her students completed for nonprofit businesses in Downtown San Jose.

In college, she accidentally discovered ceramics and has been in love ever since. As a lead teacher at Hongyun Art, she encourages her students to enjoy the process of creating art, and to embrace their mistakes..


Mr. Sean

Mr. Sean was born and raised in San Jose, and currently settles in Union City California.

When he's not working with pen and ink illustrations, he's using his Adobe software like Illustrator, Photoshop to fulfill his creative projects. After obtaining his Associates in Studio Arts from Chabot College, he transferred to San Jose State University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Design Studies.

Mr. Sean wants his student to understand making art is a privilege, it should always remain fun and exciting at its core. He would also like his students to push past teacher prompts and example, bettering the development of their art styles.


Ms. Elena

Ms. Elena is originally from Morgan Hill, California, where she grew up taking watercolor lessons from a local artist and drawing for fun in her free time.

Elena graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Studio Art and from Cogswell Polytech with an additional B.A. in 3D Animation, cum laude. During her time at Cogswell, Elena worked as a 3D Animator on the short film ‘Miles’, which is still under production. Elena’s favorite art medium today is still watercolor!

She loves using bold, saturated colors in her paintings and strong, detailed contrast in her drawings.

Ms. Elena wants her students at Hongyun Art to push their creative limits, never avoid a challenge, and always leave class with a positive outlook!


Ms. Megan

Ms. Megan grew up in the Bay Area, attending Portal, Kennedy, and Monta Vista.

She has a BFA from RISD in Illustration and is earning an MFA from Academy of Art in San Francisco in Game Development.

She especially loves comics as a medium for personal expression.

She hopes she can share her passion for art as well as a robust skill set that will give her students the capability to create art in line with their aspirations.

She finds it especially important to help mentor youth that wish to pursue the arts as a career.

Mr. Gideon

Mr. Gideon O Egbuchulam, also known as Ivorycurlz, is a Nigerian-American artist in the Bay Area and a student at San Jose State University (SJSU).

Raised in rural California, he discovered a love for drawing from program serials such as Zorro and Johnny Quest. Mr. Gideon works with the likes of pencil, inks, and gouache.

Although these days his work has gotten more digital but never steps too far from his roots. Eccentric curves and exaggerated anatomy are known to be his personal signature.

His projects include an untitled anthology and a comic series dubbed Quasar Soldiers™. Whereas diversity and individual voices are built topics.

At Hongyun Art, Gideon uses these as the pillars of each learning instruction.


Mr. Steven

Steven Touart is originally born and raised in Texas where he has spent over 7 years developing extensive knowledge and experience in 2D and 3D Digital Animation including layout, character designs, and even 3D simulations for concept development.

He is officially certified through various courses of design and animation and is now teaching our new digital animation classes at Hongyun Art. His goal is to give our older students a first hand experience with 2D and 3D applications that will really help our students express themselves using new animation programs that wasn't available before.


Ms. Ratila

Ms. Ratila is originally from Bangladesh, but moved to the Bay Area in 2012 and is living in Santa Clara ever since. Her favorite artistic medium is graphite, pen and digital painting on procreate. She loves to draw portraits.

Ms. Ratila is currently pursuing a BS from SJSU and recently completed her internship from Linkedin where she got the opportunity to redesign the on-boarding process of an enterprise product called LinkedIn Elevate.

Ms. Ratila wants her students to know that it is okay to fail when they are learning a new technique , as they’ll learn the most by failing. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Every artist was first an amateur” .


Ms. Leksia

Ms. Leksia grew up in San Jose and has lived there her entire life.

She currently attends De Anza College in pursuit of a degree in Education and also works assisting art programs for young children.

She loves to work with pencil, ink, and acrylic paints and is always practicing and improving her art in her free time.

As a lower school teacher, she always wants her students to learn that their imaginations and creativity is limitless, and that they can do anything they set their minds to.



If you hang around Hongyun Art enough, you may hear the kids talking about Mindy.  You'll definitely see at least a few books with her name on them.  Who is this mysterious Mindy?  

Well, Mindy is our dog!  Mindy is Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was born on April 1, 2011.  When Mindy was just a puppy in the Summer of 2011, Hongyun Comic Camp students decided to create the first ever full-length graphic novel in just one week based on Mindy!  The challenge was enormous but the students and teachers did a wonderful job on the first Mindy Comic Book that summer.

 The Mindy Comic Book series has grown to its 4th volume in 2013 with the completion of the Mindy Comic Camp in June 2013.  This 4th volume includes several full-length, full-color comic stories as well as several side-stories - it's truly amazing what our Mindy Comic Camp students can do in just two weeks!


Mr. Tommy

Mr. Tommy is the resident goofball - he loves being around the students and has fun each day at work!  In a past life, Mr Tommy was an engineer for Microsoft working on various products including Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 projects.

Now, he works on various roles at Hongyun Art from bus driver, to webmaster & software engineering, to front desk - he's the jack of all trades!