Digital Art Class Information

Digital Art classes are a separate class than our core curriculum.  You can take digital art as a standalone class or take both digital art and core classes at two different class times and receive a discount for the second class.


Digital Art Hardware and Software Requirements

Laptop computer

Windows or Mac laptop - sorry no ipad or tablets.  We only train on professional level software which requires full computers - SEARCH AMAZON FOR BEST DEAL

8GB of RAM minimum (recommended 16GB)

Intel core i5 or i7 or equivalent (no core i3 or core M processors please)

Adequate hard drive space (minimum 15GB free after all software is installed) - an SSD is highly recommended.

Bring your laptop's plug with you - we don't have extras

Mouse & mousepad

You child should know how to login, use the file system, etc.


Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC are REQUIRED for the Friday and Saturday classes - we focus on 1 software package at a time - BUY ON AMAZON

For the Sunday class, we'll only be using Photoshop CC

Please no "Elements" versions or other software.  Our curriculum is highly tailored to the use of these professional tools and cannot be adapted to other packages at this time.

Other Equipment

Computer mouse (for Illustrator) - BUY ON AMAZON

Wacom Tablet (for Photoshop) - BUY ON AMAZON 

HYA has a limited number of computers and software license for rental

Price list:

Computer with software and all necessary accessories:

  • $290 for full term
  • $19 for 1 class

Just software (bring your own computer):

  • $60 for full term
  • $9 for 1 class

Wacom drawing tablet:

  • $20 for full term
  • $5 for 1 class