2017-04 Cupertino Earth Day Festival Photos

Happy Earth Day everyone!

2017 Cupertino Earthy Day Poster Designed by Students of Hongyun Art

  • Audrey C. (Age 14, Red Cloud, Monta Vista High School)
  • Amanda Z. (Age 14, Red Cloud, Lynbrook High School)
  • Michelle T. (Age 15, Red Cloud, Monta Vista High School)
  • Taryn C. (Age 12, Orange Cloud, Lawson Middle School)
  • Elaine C. (Age 13, Red Cloud, Miller Middle School)
  • Tanisha A. (Age 12, Red Cloud, Lawson Middle School)

Hope you had fun with us painting your own reusable canvas bags at this year's Earth Day Festival!  We sure had a lot of fun!  All proceeds earned are donated to the Hongyun Art Foundation to fund creative leadership and entrepreneurship programs.

Hongyun Art students also contributed to three works of art to Cupertino's Environmental Art & Innovation Exhibit!  Great job everyone!

Take a look at our photo gallery - hope you can join us again next time!