Welcome to the TA Program coordination page!  

You can always visit this site to double check your TA's schedule and link to the spreadsheet to update your schedule. 

The first step to being a TA is to be nominated by Hongyun Art Teachers.  We look for various characteristics to nominate a TA but there is no set pattern or checklist.  

Once you are nominated, you'll be asked to add your TA's name to the scheduling spreadsheet below (the link is right before the spreadsheet).  If you add your TA's name to the spreadsheet by the given deadline, you'll be invited to the TA Training.  After attending and passing the training you'll be a TA!  

Keep in mind that being invited to the training does NOT guarantee acceptance to the TA program.  New TAs must attend the TA training.  During the training, they must pay attention, participate, and be approved by our Student TA Captains and Student TA Directors in order to become a TA.  New TAs who are disruptive and do not participate are not accepted in the program and can be sent home from the training.


TA Program Rules

First and foremost, being a Hongyun Art TA is a privilege - not every student qualifies to be a TA and only students that are nominated by their teachers are even considered for the program.  TAs must maintain consistently high performance, regular attendance, and good grades at their regular school as they are expected to set an example for all Hongyun Art Students.

The heart of being a TA is commitment to one's students and teacher.  

  • It is important for TAs to maintain a consistent schedule as TAs are an integral part of the classroom experience for our Purple, Blue, and Green Cloud students.  The younger students will look to our TAs as older siblings who help them in class and it is important for our TAs to be there and build relationships with their students.  TAs who miss 3 or more scheduled sessions will be asked to discontinue the TA program at least one full term.
  • Commitment also means consistent performance as a TA.  TAs are scored by the classroom teacher for their performance each and every time they come to assist in class.  It is important to maintain high scores.  TAs can have fun, but it is always important that they are there to help out the teacher and maintain classroom performance.  Poor performance can lead to a TA being asked to discontinue the program for the current term.
  • Finally, commitment means being committed to one's own academic pursuits - TAs must maintain a very high GPA at their primary school in order to continue to qualify for the TA program.  A TA that shows a drop in GPA  will be asked to discontinue the program for the current term.


TA Scheduling

LINK to scheduling spreadsheet.

The TA scheduling is self-managed.  There is no need to update the spreadsheet if you're going to miss a session due to absence.  Please only update the spreadsheet if you need to permanently move your schedule and then email inbox@hongyunart.com to confirm the TA schedule change.  Please do note that it's a good idea to choose a time that is convenient so as to not miss your TA sessions.  TAs that have inconsistent schedules may be asked to leave the program (see the TA Program Rules below). 

TA Training Documents

TA Training Guide

TA Captains Guide

TA Parents Guide