Innobeee Logo Design Contest Winners!

You already know that Hongyun Artists (what we call Hongyun Art Students) are a talented bunch, but did you know that Hongyun Artists are also helping out companies to come up with ideas?

Innobeee, a Silicon Valley educational startup, asked Hongyun Artists what they thought the Innobeee logo should look like and we got literally hundreds of entries!  We're happy to announce that the founder of Innobeee has chosen not just one, but TWO entries to combine together!  Here's the winning logo design:

The logo is a combination of two logos created by two Hongyun Artists:

Emily S. age 8:

Deelia W. age 9:



For their awesome artwork, Innobeee gave each of the winners a brand new Apple iPad 2!


Great job everyone!  We look forward to more entries in upcoming design competitions!