Fall Art Show Photo Contest Winners!

We had several entries for the photo contests and are finally ready to announce the winners! 

Thank you everyone for submitting your photos and congratulations to the winners who will each receive the full set of Hongyun Art Books worth over $200!  Honorable mentions will receive their choice of 1 Hongyun Art Book!  Congratulations everyone!


And now for our winners:


BEST Overall Photo:
Zerlina L. Yellow Cloud
Inline image 1
MOST Fun Photo:
Melody S. Purple Cloud
Inline image 2

MOST Photos sent in DURING the art show (16):
Audrey C. Red Cloud
Inline image 3

MOST Likes on our Facebook page:
Honorable Mention: Kristina M. Yellow Cloud
Inline image 4

We have additional honorable mentions that our teachers just loved and wanted to recognize for their awesome photos - we will be notifying these students individually!
Congratulations everyone!  Enjoy your prizes!