By Kids For Kids! The New Books have Arrived!

Boy have we been busy!  Our Spring Comic Club and Summer Comic Camp books are here!  All of our books are available in our studio and on

Click on the book covers to see the book at!

First up is our Spring Comic Club which created a story about a race among friends!  They met up with several interesting charcters along the way including a slice of pizza!  Sounds fun, right?


Next up are our books from 3 of our Science Art Camps.  You ask, "Science Art, what's that?"  It's our fun approach to learning science through art!

(The final Hongyun Art Book of Science is on the way and should be here in a couple of weeks!)

And finally, the our most popular comic series:  Mindy!

This year's Mindy camps was awesome!  We broke up the students into several teams to work on two separate stories - wow!  That's right - you get two separate stories in one big book of Mindy comics.  You will also get a chance to contribute their ideas for next year's Mindy Comic Camp.  We need everyone to help with ideas for gadgets, products, and vehicles Mindy and her pals will use in her next adventure--details are in the book!

And there you have it!  Five amazing new books created by our awesome students - be sure to read them all!