Art Class and Club schedules updated

As summer comes to a close and we get ready for the exciting Fall semester, we're doing a little bit of housekeeping:

  • We've updated our Calendar and Schedule page to reflect our newly updated class schedules for Fall 2012 semester.  For our weekend classes, we've added gaps between most class times to ease parking and help smooth out the transition between classes.  Please review the schedule to make sure you know when your student is due for dropoff/pickup.
  • Our super fun Hongyun Art Clubs START September 9th!  We've added our new club schedule on the same schedule as our classes (click on the link above) Hongyun Art Clubs are open to students in the Green Cloud  and above!  If your student is interested in joining a club, just send us an email or let us know the next time you're in. 
  • Our Lost and Found bins are getting their last call before we take them over to goodwill to be donated.  If you've lost a jacket or sweater in the last year, please do take one final look before we take them all away.
  • The dropoff/pickup area in the front of the school has a new announcement board with our week-to-week curriculum for each cloud level!  Our teachers have done an amazing job putting together some really cool new learning experiences that we think everyone will love!  We also have lots of great information up there including how to reschedule a class, how to reserve a seat for a parents meeting, information about our unique level system, as well as announcements for events and important dates.  Please do take some time to look at the board and learn about what your student does at Hongyun Art!

Get ready to dive into lots of creative fun art this Fall!