2017-12 Winter Myanmar Teacher Education Program (Pt 2)

If you haven't already visited Part 1 of our trip recap, please do so!

For the second leg of our trip, we visited Bangkok, Thailand!  This was not purely for fun even though Bangkok is one of the most dyanamic places on Earth!.

Some of the goals to visit Bangkok,  Thailand were:

  • To see what a society that started out with similar conditions & heritage to present day Myanmar can do in the span of a about one century.  The answer:  a lot!
  • Visit the Floating Market!  This is a fun way to experience traditional Thai life.  We also. visited an ostrich farm near by to what kinds of animals they had and we were not disappointed by the variety!
  • Visit the Royal Palace and adjoining temple of the Emerald Buddha where the King and Royal Family of Thailand practice religious ceremonies to mark seasons and special holidays.
  • Shopping!!  Thailand has some of the largest and newest malls on earth!  Thais take retail design to the limit and the malls are part shopping, part art and architecture museum!

Wat Phra Kaew and the Royal Palace

Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and the adjacent Royal Palace grounds are some of the most important religious and national places in Thailand.  The Emerald Buddha Is the Buddha image the King and Royal family revere in religious and seasonal holidays.


Shopping in Thailand is an overwhelming experience!  Most of the malls are actually have very interesting architecture and interior design - we had so much fun exploring several of the big malls that are all connected to each other and visiting some night markets!

Floating Market and Ostrich Farm

Thailand is essentially a water-borne society due to regular flooding.  You can see this everywhere in the countryside with houses on raised stilts and attached boats.  Rather than trying to prevent flooding, most areas of Thailand are adapted to flooding including some markets that exist along waterways and on boats!

Bowling !!

It's become a tradition for our Myanmar Teams to get a few rounds of bowling in to unwind and have some fun!  This bowling alley was especially nice since it was in one of the top malls in Thailand!  Afterwards we saw Star Wars in 4dx!