Summer Myanmar Team GO!

HYAFound-International Program-v2-SM.png

Our 2nd team to Myanmar is almost ready to go!  Our team has been working on creating a fun and educational camp experience for students in Yangon, Myanmar.  

The summer team consists of:

  • Kathy L. (Age 15, Red Cloud):  Team Leader.  Kathy's 2nd time to Myanmar!
  • Audrey G. (Age 11, Orange Cloud)
  • Sherri W. (Age 13, Red Cloud)
  • Edward X. (Age 12, Orange Cloud)
  • Eng K. (Age 15, Orange Cloud)
  • Jaimie C. (Age 15, Red Cloud)
  • Patrick Z. (Age 13, Red Cloud)
  • Anoop I. (Age 15, Red Cloud)
  • Olive T. (Age 13, Red Cloud)

During this trip, we'll be visiting several different schools as well as running our very own camp for students of all ages!

We will also have time to visit Tokyo, Japan during this trip!  We've planned some interesting experiences including a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum, the studio behind Totoro and other classic animated films.  

We've also been invited to visit teamLab - a world-famous digital art collective based in Tokyo!  This is quite an amazing honor and will be quite an experience to see how teamLab plans and creates its wondrous art installations!

If you remember, teamLab had a huge installation of their work in 2015 in Menlo Park at the Pace gallery.  Their work is currently on exhibit in several cities around the world!  Here are just a few examples of teamLab's work: