Winner - 2016 Energized by Art, Utility Box Art Competition. Cupertino Earth Day Artwork

Congratulations to the designers of the 2016 Cupertino Earth Day Artwork - Michelle T. (Age 14, Red Cloud), Deelia W. (Age 13, Red Cloud), Kathy L. (Age 14, Red Cloud), and Audrey C. (Age 14, Red Cloud)

Cupertino City officials loved the artwork so much they decided to have us adapt it for use on a utility box!  GREAT JOB TEAM!

2016 Cupertino Earth Day Announcement


Energized by Art is a project by a partnership between the City of Cupertino and Hongyun Art.  All winner were chosen by the City of Cupertino Fine Arts Commission and Sustainability Coordinators.  The artwork is painted on the utility box by the winning artist with the assistance of Hongyun Art Students and Teachers.