2016-04 Cupertino Earth Day Festival Poster

Congratulations to our students who helped the City of Cupertino create an original work of art to announce the city's annual Earth Day and Arbor Day Festival!

Students that worked on the artwork:

  • Audrey C. (Age 13, Red Cloud)
  • Deelia W. (Age 13, Red Cloud)
  • Caroline H. (Age 13, Red Cloud)
  • Kathy L.  (Age 13, Red Cloud - Cupertino Young Artist of the Year)
  • Samuel Chien (Age 12, Yellow Cloud)
  • Jerry Chen (Age 12, Orange Cloud)
  • Joseph Zhang (Age 11, Red Cloud)
  • Ariel Li (Age 11, Red Cloud)

Layout and team lead:  Miss Yujia

Hope to see everyone at the festival on Saturday 4/30 at the Cupertino Library!  Hongyun Art TAs and student leaders will be there helping to make the event a special one for everyone!