2013 Regnart Fall Festival and Meyerholz Walkathon Photos 照片

We LOVE our local Cupertino Schools so much that we donate our equipment, time, materials, and energy to school events for free!  The Hongyun Art Party Team loves to support their outstanding schools by ensuring that attendees at school events have awesome facepaint to make the atmosphere even more fun and festive!

We feel that by helping our schools for free, our Party Team members learn about citizenship and supporting one of our most valuable institutions!  Thank you Regnart Elementary and Meyerholz Elementary for inviting us!

An interesting side note, is that both events were on the same day at the same time!  The Party Team did a great job organizing into 2 groups and helping each other!  Go Party Team Go!

The Hongyun Art Party Team can help with events from small gatherings of 15 guests to large corporate events of over 5000 attendees!  Our creative, talented, and super fun students are always ready to make your party a big hit!  

Inquire about having the Party Team help out at your next event today!