Mindy Comic Camp Photos!

Can you believe in just two weeks, Mindy Comic Camp students created not just one, but several full-length, full-color comic adventures?

It's an amazing accomplishment for students aged 7 - 13 years old!

Not only did we create our own comic books, but we created special activity pages for the comic book, created our own personalized t-shirts, created masking-tape animals, celebrated two birthdays, rode the Hongyun Art Bus and visited several parks, and of course, we played with MINDY the dog each day! 

2013 Mindy Comic Camp Photos

2013 Mindy Comic Camp Photos

Congratulations to everyone!   We're hard at work with the publishers figuring out how we're going to get all of this awesomeness to fit in just one book...but rest assured, we'll have the finished publications ready for everyone this Fall.

Now enjoy the photos!