Hongyun Art Movie THIS SUNDAY!

Invited Guests of Hongyun Art Students, it's time to pick up your tickets for this Sunday's Hongyun Art Movie at AMC Theaters Cupertino!  We're putting on our first all digital art show!  Please stop in to Hongyun Art to pickup your tickets between Wednesday - Saturday or at the 3rd floor theater on Sunday (movie day!).

We have the following show times:

  • 10:45m (SOLD OUT)
  • 11:55m
  • 1:05pm
  • 2:15pm
  • 3:35pm
  • 4:45pm (SOLD OUT)

All tickets are while supplies last and are first come first served.  You must present an invitation card to pickup your tickets (max of 3 tickets per invited family with invitation card). 



Each year, Hongyun Art takes great pride in introducing it's newest cohort of Red Cloud students, our top level students.  We do this in a unique way by way of our Fall Movie!  Our new Hongyun Art Red Cloud students will find out who they are at the end of our Fall Movie on Sunday 10/13!  Don't miss it - it's sure to be an exciting and emotional time!

To many Hongyun Art students, reaching the Red Cloud is like climbing Mount Everest - it's a challenge that takes years to accomplish and feels like you're on top of the world once you reach it! 

Hongyun Art Red Cloud students are the best of the best!  They exhibit the qualities that Hongyun tries to grow in all of her students:  Creativity, Leadership, and Art Skills!

Reaching the Red Cloud may feel like the end of a journey, but it actually is just the beginning!  Once you've obtained the title of Red Cloud, you're expected to wield the great power it commands for the betterment of other Hongyun Art students, your family, and your community!  We encourage each Red Cloud student to take on a individual creation project!  This year, we are adding something new to the mix!  Our Red Cloud students will be working with Hongyun to create their own businesses and products to debut at Maker Faire 2014!  All proceeds will be put directly back into the Hongyun Art Party Team Mindy Bank (our version of a "Piggy Bank").

It will take the collect creativity, leadership, and art skills of the Hongyun Art Red Cloud to meet this ambitious challenge!  Do you think you can take this challenge on?