Art Classes for Ages 4 - 17

To get started, register for a tryout class below.

Tryout class tuition 试课费: $49

Class tuition (semester pay):  $49 per class

Class tuition (monthly pay):  $224per month ($56 per week for partial month)

Semester & sibling discounts available 一次付清整学期学费有优惠 / 兄弟姐妹一起报也享有优惠

In-class materials are always included in the tuition.

NOTE (especially important if your student is under 6 years old): Please read our visitation and parental supervision faq before registering. 

注意(特别是六岁以下孩子):在注册前,请阅读我们的常见问题visitation and parental supervision faq


Student Name (FIRST & LAST) 学生姓名 *
Student Name (FIRST & LAST) 学生姓名
Parent Primary Phone 父母电话
Parent Primary Phone 父母电话
For emergency contact! Please make sure your cell phone is not on silent mode when your student is at Hongyun Art. 紧急联系使用!您的孩子在红云艺术学校上课期间,请不要将您的手机调到静音模式!
Pickup from school to Hongyun Art 校车服务 *
Applicable only to Thursday, and Friday classes at 3:30pm or 4:30pm in the Fall and Spring semesters. Pickup service is $10 per ride if paid by semester. Pickup service starts AFTER a student has passed the tryout class and pickup can be arranged. 我们在秋季和春季学期为您提供校车服务。并且只能为周四和周五下午3:30和4:30点上课的学生提供服务。$39一个月(一周一次)。只有您的孩子在通过了我们的试课,并正式加入我们后,我们才可以安排校车服务。
Tryout class date / time 试课时间 *
We only open certain class times for tryout. More flexible scheduling is available after your student has passed the tryout class. 我们只有部分课程可提供试课。学生通过试课后,我们会有更多上课时间供您选择。
We will try to accommodate scheduling and other requests, but cannot guarantee they will be available. For students with allergies, please list your allergies here and bring medication along during tryout class.
How did you hear about Hongyun Art? *
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Tryout Class Process *
By submitting this form, you are requesting a seat in a try out class for Hongyun Art Class. After submitting the form, a member of the Hongyun Art Team will contact you via email to confirm your request if there is a seat available. Please keep in mind that a tryout does not guarantee a student will be accepted as a permanent student for Hongyun Art.

Our weekly art classes focus on developing each student's creativity, building social & leadership skills, and honing technical artistic skills.  Our curriculum is designed to engage students in fun, interesting, and challenging projects.

Each Hongyun Art Class has only 6-8 students with 1 teacher.  Many classes also have assistants to ensure each student is engaged and supported during their class session.