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Welcome!  Signup for the TA program by following the instructions in your welcome email.

If you have questions, please email us at inbox@hongyunart.com

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TA Training Meeting

Jan 11, 2015

TA Program Rules

TAs are scored on an individual basis and compete for prizes and level ups.


TA Captain

  • Highest Rated Overall

Senior TA

  • Highest Rated Overall

Junior TA

  • Highest Rated Overall

Fun Certificates (all levels)

  1. Nicest TA
  2. Best Attendance
  3. Pencil Sharpening Master
  4. Most Energetic TA
  5. StoryTime King/Queen
  6. Cleaning Up Master
  7. Most Positive TA
  8. Most Improved TA
  9. Coolest TA
  10. Silent Ninja TA


The Hongyun Art TA Program allows upper level Hongyun Art students the opportunity to be a mentor to younger students and help out in classes.  TAs are an important and valued member of the Hongyun Art team.

First and foremost, being a Hongyun Art TA is a privilege - not every student qualifies to be a TA and only students that are nominated by their teachers are even considered for the program.  TAs must maintain consistently high performance, regular attendance, and good grades at their regular school as they are expected to set an example for all Hongyun Art Students.

TAs contribute a minimum of $18 into the TA Program Fund to be used for prizes & TA events.  Parents can contribute more, but each TA is required to contribute a minimum of $18.

The heart of being a TA is commitment to one's students and teacher.  

  • It is important for TAs to maintain a consistent schedule as TAs are an integral part of the classroom experience for our Purple, Blue, and Green Cloud students.  The younger students will look to our TAs as older siblings who help them in class and it is important for our TAs to be there and build relationships with their students.  TAs who miss 3 or more scheduled sessions will be asked to discontinue the TA program at least one full term.
  • Commitment also means consistent performance as a TA.  TAs are scored by the classroom teacher for their performance each and every time they come to assist in class.  It is important to maintain high scores.  TAs can have fun, but it is always important that they are there to help out the teacher and maintain classroom performance.  Poor performance can lead to a TA being asked to discontinue the program for the current term.
  • Finally, commitment means being committed to one's own academic pursuits - TAs must maintain a very high GPA at their primary school in order to continue to qualify for the TA program.  A TA that shows a drop in GPA  will be asked to discontinue the program for the current term.

TA Training Documents

TA Training Guide

TA Captain Guide

TA Parents Guide



Teachers Only: TA Scorecard