Hongyun Art Pickup Service

Pickup Service is available for Hongyun Art Students age 6 and up

Pickup Service can bring your child from their school or other after school class to Hongyun Art.

FALL 2017 schedule

  • Thursdays (only stops before 2:45pm can be added)
    • 3:00pm Dilwarth (Strayer Lot)
    • 3:15pm Cupertino Middle
    • 3:25pm  Lincoln
  • Fridays (only stops before 2:45pm can be added)
    • 3:00pm Dilwarth (Strayer Lot)
    • 3:07pm Cupertino High School
    • 3:20pm Kennedy (Bubb Road)

It's convenient, safe, and affordable!

As Low as $10 per ride (paid by semester prorated)

Monthly payment also available for $16 per ride

Inquire about Pickup Service

Student Name *
Student Name
What Days Do You Need Pickup Service? *
Optional, but VERY HELPFUL. Please provide additional details and/or a GOOGLE MAP Street View link of the pickup location
Pickup Service Disclaimer *
Pickup Service is limited to a 4 mile radius. Additional surcharges may apply for extended distance/time required depending on circumstances. We'll email you shortly to confirm details. Pickup Service will begin after receiving a reply that confirms pickup details are correct and after a student has attended at least 1 class at Hongyun Art.