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Get Ready!  Fall events inbound!

Hi everyone - HYA team members have been hard at work with training staff and preparing YOUR new studio!  We're almost at the finish line woohoo!

In September, we have 3 events coming!  They're going to be super fun and we can't wait!  Two of the events, we've been to before, but we have a new one called the Luna Park Chalk Art Festival!

Check your email for instructions on RSVP'ing for the events!

Also, don't forget to check the Laser Tag photos!  Wow that was super fun :DD!!

CLICK HERE to see the photos from Laser Tag!

CLICK HERE to see the photos from Laser Tag!


Maker Faire Wrap & Photos!

Watch your email for Maker Faire wrap up!  We're sending it out 5/22.

Also we've included a lessons learned document here and via email so you can see the perspectives from Hongyun and Tommy about how our teams did in product development and at the Maker Faire event itself!  Please take a moment to review and let us know if you have any questions!

Mindy Bank Status

What is the Mindy Bank?  Well it's our version of the Piggy Bank, but we let Mindy guard the money!  Don't worry, she won't eat any of the profits :)  All of the Mindy Bank funds are transparent so all members know what funds are available.  Mindy Bank account funds are used by the Party Team members for events and operations.  All fund use must be voted on and announced to Party Team members.

Here's the current status of the Mindy Bank.