Fall Semester Starts August 15th!

Mindy having fun in the forest near the Avenue of the Giants

"Awww Mom, is summer almost over?!"

"Yes it is, but that just means Fall Fun is about to start!"

Hongyun Art's Fall Semester starts on Wednesday August 15th!  Our super fun book, comic, and other clubs for our Green Cloud and above students start on September 1st so NOW is the time to sign up for art classes and reserve your seats for clubs as there is very limited seating for this very fun activity that is unique to Hongyun Art!

Get ready for a super creative, super fun, and super neato Fall Semester at Hongyun Art.

Also, we're announcing Announcements!  We have a new announcements

 board at the front of the school that will have lots of great information for parents and students alike.  As Fall starts, we'll have information about what each cloud level is doing this and next week as well as information about upcoming events (like our super cool, super fun, and super BIG Fall art show that we are putting together in partnership with Vallco Mall and AMC Theaters).