Welcome to Hongyun Art! 


"Art is not just about pretty pictures!"

- Hongyun, Founder of Hongyun Art

It means, we're not just a regular art school.  Our goal is to create creative, outgoing individuals that are able to work well with others, come up with and share great ideas, and most importantly be fearless in executing their ideas.  We believe in "doing" more than we believing in talking.  We believe in rolling up our sleeves, working hard, and working together to create wonderful creative projects that just aren't possible working alone at a canvas.  Everything we do embodies these principles.

We offer traditional forms of art like drawing and painting and strive to provide an environment where students work as teams on projects and can learn to work out creative differences, lead teams on experimental projects, and ultimately learn to express their creativity fearlessly.  These skills are fundamental to success in almost every endeavor a student may take on and our curriculum and projects are designed to challenge students to always push for improvement in these and other areas.


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Student Created Books! 学生创作的书籍

Most of Hongyun Art Clubs and Camps are team-based projects where students work together to create their own books! 


See the books our students have published: