About Camp California

Camp California will be held from Sunday April 9th - Tuesday April 11th in Yangon, Myanmar.

The full day (9am - 4pm) camp is designed as a cultural and language exchange experience through creative and fun science, tech, and art projects! 

Your child will learn about science, technology, art, and English, and connect with and learn about life in the Silicon Valley, California from high school students from the USA!

Camp California will be hosted and run at Myanmar office of "360 ED Lab", Singularity University founded EdTech venture based in Yangon, Myanmar located on the 6th floor of Tarmwe Plaza in Tarmwe Township.

Seating is extremely limited, please reserve early to ensure your seat is available.  Open to all children ages 8 - 15 year old.

Register by phone:

09 455 047 370

09 771 333 976


About 360Ed

360Ed is a Yangon based startup dedicated to democratizing teacher training through 360 VR and smart phones.  360Ed is founded by Hla Hla Win, a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy and Singularity University in Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Camp California is designed and lead by 4 top students from some of the top high schools in the US as part of the International Program of the Hongyun Art Foundation based in Cupertino, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Amy (Age 17, Lynbrook High School) - Amy is a high school senior and is going to fashion design college this coming Fall!  Amy is very passionate about helping others and creating great art!  Amy created a wonderful work of art for a utility box in Cupertino, California!

Audrey (Age 15, Monta Vista High School) - Audrey is an accomplished artist who published her first graphic novel "Mango the Cat" when she was just 12 years old!  Audrey not only loves art but also love science - she plans on studying biology in college!

Caroline (Age 14, Lynbrook High School) - Caroline is a truly prolific artist and creates new work almost nonstop!  She loves anime and creating new characters and artwork!  Caroline was one of the primary artists who contributed to an iconic work of public art for Cupertino, California 

Kathy (Age 14, Monta Vista High School) - Kathy is a very hard working student and love art!  In fact, she was the 2015 Young Artist of the Year for Cupertino, California!


The Hongyun Art Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to use art as a vehicle to better society and grow creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills in communities worldwide.


Hongyun is the founder of Hongyun Art School and the Hongyun Art Foundation.  Hongyun Art is the Bay Area's largest private art studio with over 600 weekly students and growing.  Hongyun's philosophy and style of teaching emphasizes creativity, action-taking, and sharing ideas.  Hongyun was trained in traditional art technique growing up in China.  At the age of 16, Hongyun ran away from home to attend the prestigious Shanghai Theater Academy in Shanghai, China.  After moving to the US, Hongyun graduated from UC Berkeley in Fine Art Practice and opened Hongyun Art in 2011.

Tommy is the jack of all trades that helps manage and run Hongyun Art.  Tommy was trained as a Computer Science and Engineering major at UCLA and is a veteran of the tech industry having worked for several teams at Microsoft over the course of decade-long career including most recently on the Powerpoint team.  He quit Microsoft in 2012 to help Hongyun run Hongyun Art full time and now helps develop new programs..



Hope you'll join us for Camp California!  Seating is extremely limited, please reserve early to ensure your seat is available.

Open to all children ages 8 - 15 year old.

Register by phone:

09 455 047 370

09 771 333 976